Is --with-openjdk-src-dir working properly?

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Fri Aug 24 10:09:01 PDT 2012

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> I tried to build IcedTea with my local copy of the build-infra
> forest,

Which IcedTea?

> using the following configure command line:
> ./configure --disable-system-lcms
> --with-openjdk-src-dir=../build-infra-jdk8
> However, the build fails when applying patches; I tried removing the
> patches individually (just to see if I could continue compiling, a
> bit
> quick and dirty) but it seems that *all* patches consistently fails.
> Furthermore, patch gives an error message like:
> Checking patches/boot/demos.patch
> 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file
> openjdk-boot/jdk/make/common/Release.gmk.rej

As I said in my last reply, not much work has gone on with 8 recently.
So the patches won't apply against the latest trees.  By default, it
downloads changesets corresponding to ~b41.

$ hg log -r 2472e16213e8 -R ../upstream/icedtea8/corba
changeset:   403:2472e16213e8
user:        coffeys
date:        Wed Feb 29 16:41:49 2012 +0000
summary:     7143851: Improve IIOP stub and tie generation in RMIC

For a first build, try just ./configure.

> However, there is no reject file at the given path. I almost get the
> impression there is some kind of permission problem. However, all
> permissions is correct, and I can edit the files in question without
> problems from an editor.

No, because it does a dry run first, and only actually tries to patch
if that succeeds.

> I noticed that the source is not actually copied, but hard-linked by:
> cp -pPR -l ../build-infra-jdk8 openjdk
> I'm not very used to working with hard links. Could this be the cause
> of
> any problem?

No, the build will only hardlink if its possible.  If the tree is on
a different device, it will be copied:


> Or to state the problem differently, has anyone used
> --with-openjdk-src-dir recently and can confirm that it is working?

I know it won't work :-)  I started updating to a new build, but haven't
completed it.  It's not really a high priority, as we're not sure if we'll
even use IcedTea for 8.  It's not as essential as it once was.  It really
depends on how quickly we can get patches upstream.

> /Magnus

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