IcedTea7 forest & OpenJDK7 u2

Chris Phillips chphilli at
Sun Jan 15 17:50:04 PST 2012

Hi Damien,

Not certain what you are encountering (I'm building with hsx23 ,
so it may be different ) but attached are patches to get zero to build,
[currently more needed for jsr 292, but basic cpp interp seems ok.]

This is completely w/o shark... which has a different set of issues.

On 15/01/12 06:23 PM, Damien Raude-Morvan wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> Le mardi 10 janvier 2012 14:34:57, Dr Andrew John Hughes a écrit :
>> I've done a merge of the OpenJDK7 u2 changes into the IcedTea7 forest
>> and made them available at:
>> Please test this out over the next few days.  If there are no issues
>> by the end of the week, I'll push the changes to the main tree.
>> We should follow this with a 2.1 release shortly after.
> I've tried to build your icedtea7-forest with actual icedtea7 tip and managed 
> to get hotspot building with small refresh / update to boot patches (see ecj-* 
> attachements). I've also refreshed rhino.patch as one hunk failed. Maybe you 
> can import my changes into icedtea7 tip ?
> Unfortunately, ZeroVM (as alternative vm) seems to fail to build. I've to re-
> run a new build to get actual error.
> Regards,

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