ARM: Rewrite disassembler to use hsdis

Andrew Haley aph at
Tue Jan 24 05:53:01 PST 2012

On 01/24/2012 12:43 PM, Andrew Hughes wrote:
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>> On 01/23/2012 09:12 PM, Andrew Hughes wrote:
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>>>> On 01/23/2012 02:37 PM, Andrew Hughes wrote:
>>>>> I'm very wary about introducing Makefile changes into a release
>>>>> branch
>>>>> at such a late stage.  How does these changes affect other
>>>>> architectures?
>>>> Not at all.
>>> These chunks would certainly seem to:
>>> +-CFLAGS		+= -fPIC
>>> ++CFLAGS		+= -fPIC -g
>>> +-CPPFLAGS	+= -I$(BINUTILSDIR)/include -I$(BINUTILS)/bfd
>>> -I$(TARGET_DIR)/bfd
>>> -I$(TARGET_DIR)/bfd
>>> +-	if [ ! -f $@ ]; then cd $(TARGET_DIR); make all-opcodes; fi
>>> ++	if [ ! -f $@ ]; then cd $(TARGET_DIR); make all-opcodes
>>> "CFLAGS=$(CFLAGS)"; fi
>>> As far as I can tell from the hard-to-read patch-within-a-patch,
>>> this part isn't within
>>> an ARM #ifdef.
>> Sure, but hsdis didn't build at all on any arch, so I'm pretty sure
>> that other arches aren't affected, unless you count "now builds" as
>> an affect.
>>> Have you posted this upstream yet?  I'd be interested to hear
>>> Kelly's thoughts.
>>>>> Is hsdis part of a regular build?
>>>> No, hsdis is never built in any OpenJDK release.
>>> Ok, so how it is built?  Just via icedtea-debug?
>> It's built by the user, if they want disassembly.  It's not part
>> of any OpenJDK build.  It's not built for some time on IcedTea, as
>> far as I can tell.
> So what I gather from this is that if you want to build hsdis, you have
> to manually run make on the directory containing the hsdis Makefile. Is
> that correct?

Yes.  Also, HSDIS has often needed a bit of local makefile tweaking.

> If so, I can see that this may break building it in some cases where it
> worked before, but, from what you imply, the likelihood of this makes the
> risk negligible.
> I do still think the Makefile changes need to go upstream.

I see that, but HSDIS is quite different in the upstream HotSpot trunk,
so can't go in directly.  Really, the only reason for these changes in
IcedTea is for the convenience of IcedTea developers.

It's on my list to check out that upstream HotSpot trunk, see what is
needed for ARM, and submit those changes upstream.


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