Cacao support for OpenJDK7

Xerxes Rånby xerxes at
Thu Jan 26 01:12:44 PST 2012

2012-01-25 17:03, David Flamme skrev:
> Hello,
> I managed to compile and run cacao against OpenJDK7 on x86_64 at least on a "Hello World" level. Now I have some questions and want to point out what needs to be done in icedtea to compile the whole thing out of the box with cacao.
> First of all, the cacao branch of what I did so far can be found here:
Ok, thanks!

> The biggest problem on the side of icedtea7 is, that you check not only the existence of, you also check if its not fake by using nm. What I do is copying a working version from my openjdk installation to the expected location, so the build won't complain but actually I have no clue whats going on there. JamVM probably has the same problem, so I mostly hope for a good suggestion from your side, what should be done here.
I managed to work around this issue by creating a symbolic-link from to the jamvm
As can be seen in this changeset:
I will try do the same for cacao.

> Then while replacing the hpi functionality I stumbled upon NO_INTERRUPTIBLE_IO, which would save me implementing a lot of multithreading support, if i can just expect its true. Can you tell me a bit about that issue?
> It would be great if somebody could test the changeset or at least give me some hints.
Sure, I will test it and send in a patch to update icedtea7.

> best regards david


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