[Bug 811] javaws is not handling urls with spaces (and other characters needing encoding) correctly

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--- Comment #9 from Julien Gouesse <gouessej at orange.fr> ---
(In reply to comment #8)
> I have checked on head your url. It downloads plenty of jars fine, and show,
> ask for privileges, granted, simple window with one jtree componet and one
> jsplitter component  (working)  appears.
This is the expected result. Thank you very much. I assume you've just
succeeded in running the application even with the renamed name containing a

> Anyway -  form jnlp -  this hsould be 3D. Problems with 3D are mostly not
> related to this bug but to 804bug. And It should be fixed in head too.
Do you mean the bug occurring with spaces in the JNLP filenames is rather the
bug 804? Why do you speak about 3D? Am I missing another bug report about Java
and 3D? Note that I gave you the URL of JFPSM as it is easier to test, it does
not use 3D yet unlike the first person shooter whose JNLP file is in the same

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