[RFC][icedtea-web]: Reproducer for DownloadService

Saad Mohammad smohammad at redhat.com
Wed Nov 7 13:53:28 PST 2012

Hi Adam,

As we spoke earlier after my discussion with Jiri, a much better approach to
test DownloadService is to have each test method execute the reproducer.
Although this does take much longer for the tests to be completed, it avoid
dependencies from other tests and helps when identifying the problem if there is
a failure.

The updated patch is attached. The only change from the previous patch is in:

Thanks. :)
2012-10-11  Saad Mohammad  <smohammad at redhat.com>

    Added reproducer for DownloadService.
    * tests/reproducers/signed/DownloadService/resources/DownloadService.jnlp:
    Launching jnlp file that contains extension jnlp and jars marked with part
    DownloadService extension jnlp file with jars marked with part names.
    * tests/reproducers/signed/DownloadService/srcs/DownloadServiceRunner.java:
    A simple class that uses DownloadService to complete tasks and outputs the
    * tests/reproducers/signed/DownloadService/testcases/DownloadServiceTest.java:
    Testcase for DownloadService.

Saad Mohammad
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