[Bug 1211] "always trust content from this provider" NOT to be checked as default

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> > Is there a way to force the "always trust content from this provider" NOT to
> > be checked as default.
> This is checked when the certificate used to sign an applet, IS a trusted
> certificate. This behaviour, SHOULD remain like that for trusted certs.

No. It should be up to the user to determine if you want to trust a certificate
by default.

> > I do NOT want to trust the signers by default, but might opt-in to certain
> > signers.
> If you sign an applet using a dummy cert, this checkbox will not be checked
> by default.


> > In details the danish digital signature-thing requieres java :-(
> Same as we do, cause theres not a better approach :(

Sun-java that I used earlier, remembered that I unchecked "always trust content
from this provider" for various certificates.

This is the behaviour that shuld be taken.
The user IS asked if he trusts this cert. If I for any reason choose NOT to
trust a legit certificate, that should be the default for that certificate.

Always pretending that you can trust some cert, if you have decide not to trust
that cert is a bad behaivour, in my eyes. (For whatever reason you desided it)

> > Some malware has tried to popup a form to steal the login-info from the
> > user. I prevent this by willingly NOT accepting to trust the provider. That
> > way I'm forced to accept it when I want to use the applet, someone trying to
> > use a look-alike form would be detected.
> Which certificate is being used to sign the applet?
> Its the malware an applet?


> Which certificate is the malware signed with?

None - just a html-form popping up, as I understand.

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