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Jon VanAlten jvanalte at
Thu Nov 8 13:34:36 PST 2012

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> From: "Mark Wielaard" <mjw at>

> I'll see if I can trick Jon into setting up his buildbot fedora
> testers
> to have full systemtap privileges so that these tests are
> automagically
> ran by his buildslaves.

I believe I've done so for the f16 builder.  Also updated all
of the packages there (something I'd neglected for some time,

However, the f15 vm died while I was trying to do same there.
I suspect some sort of disk image file corruption, but since
f15 is EOL I did not put any effort into diagnosing or recovering
it.  My preference would be to retire it permanently (and at
some point setting up f17 and f18 builders).

To that end, I think the attached patch would remove all of the
f15 references from the master.cfg.  Does this seem correct?
Can I push this?  Once I do, Mark can you ensure that the
buildmaster gets these changes?

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