PING: PR1176: Added --with-cacao-src-dir option

Stefan Ring stefan at
Tue Nov 13 13:23:38 PST 2012

On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 4:21 PM, Andrew Hughes <ahughes at> wrote:
>> No.  It needs a ChangeLog entry.
> Further to that, the one in the commit message is wrong as Stefan
> didn't write this:
> 2009-10-01  Robert Schuster  <robertschuster at>
>         * Added --with-cacao-src-dir option.
>         * acinclude: New macro AC_CHECK_WITH_CACAO_SRC_DIR.
>         * Copy Cacao sources when USE_ALT_CACAO_SRC_DIR is used.

I had the impression that patches sent to this list don't usually
contain a changelog entry (which I don't have much respect for, but I
guess I'll have to cope...). OTOH, posting a ready-made Mercurial
commit might give the impression of it being in its final state, and
ideally it would be, were it not for the pain of merging changelogs.

Indeed, the intention was to copy the changelog snippet from the
commit text to the ChangeLog file before the final push. So what
exactly would you suggest? Did I not spell out clearly where the
changes originate? I applied Robert's changes and adapted as needed.

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