[Bug 1218] JogAmp JOGL angelesgl2es1 applet fails to initialize using Hotspot

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Wed Nov 14 04:48:47 PST 2012


Xerxes Rånby <xerxes at zafena.se> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Xerxes Rånby <xerxes at zafena.se> ---
This bug is also reproducible on 64Bit hotspot:
(12:39:13) mz: arch linux, kernel 3.6.6, "ondemand"
(12:47:27) mz: is a core i7, 12gb ram, radeon 4670 gpu
(13:24:33) xranby: i have a really odd bug that only triggers when using
hotspot: http://icedtea.classpath.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1218
(13:24:53) xranby: can someone test if this work on say 64bit hotspots?
(13:25:02) xranby: i have only tested on arm 32bit and ia32 32bit
(13:26:52) mz: Exception in thread "Applet"
(13:27:05) xranby: 64bit?
(13:27:14) mz: yep
(13:27:17) xranby: will it work using jamvm?
(13:27:20) mz: seems to be the exact same stack trace you had
(13:27:25) xranby: great
(13:27:33) xranby: then its reproducible across systems 
(13:27:48) mz: not sure how to test it with jamvm
(13:28:25) xranby: to test with jamvm   edit   
(13:28:37) xranby: and put -jamvm KNOWN    on top of the list
(13:29:02) xranby: this file can be located inside your openjdk/jre/lib/amd64
(13:29:09) xranby: jvm.cfg
(13:29:13) xranby: if you have jamvm installed
(13:30:19) mz: got it
(13:31:00) mz: anything else required beyond that?
(13:31:07) xranby: no, restart the browser
(13:31:31) xranby: if you run from the terminal then you will see which jvm it
uses internally
(13:31:38) xranby: java -version should report jamvm as well
(13:32:33) mz: java -version doesn't mention jamvm
(13:32:56) mz: i should mention that i'm on openjdk6, and i edited
(13:33:15) mz: is the only config file present on the system
(13:33:17) xranby: manual jamvm installation: http://labb.zafena.se/?p=576
(13:34:01) xranby: mz: most likely you dont have jamvm installed in  
(13:34:43) ***mz moves libjvm.so
(13:41:04) mz: jamvm working now... testing the applet
(13:41:55) mz: hm, firefox still insists on using the normal VM
(13:42:03) xranby: thats odd
(13:42:04) mz: i'll disable everything but jamvm, temporarily
(13:42:50) xranby: do you know whuch icedtea-web you got installed?   firefox
(13:43:28) xranby: it may be  that it defaults to the server or client  jvm
(13:43:30) mz: IcedTea-Web Plugin (using IcedTea-Web 1.3)
(13:43:51) xranby: you can place the jamvm libjvm.so inside the server or
client dir to force it
(13:44:06) xranby: jre/lib/amd64/server
(13:45:13) mz: yes, think that's going to be necessary...
(13:46:28) xranby: for the record: (the reccomended way to test jamvm in
combination with icedtea is to build icedtea with --enable-jamvm)
(13:46:52) mz: yep, the applet runs with jamvm
(13:47:00) xranby: ok cool thank you for testing

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