[Bug 1222] race condition in javac, taking all the CPU.

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--- Comment #3 from Alexandre Bique <bique.alexandre at gmail.com> ---
Well, to me it looks like the parser is multithreaded and uses a
producer/consumer design pattern.

I have the feeling that this producer/consumer is not very well implemented and
tries to use wait-free and weird stuff, that's why we end up with a race.

When I strace java, I get a lot of sched_yield() and futex() stuff.

I really think that you should try to find some pthread_mutex_try_lock() in the
compiler source code, and review their usage.

Also I think the race comes from the parser and I don't know the java source
code, but I would bet that the parser is shared by the sun vm and this one as
the bug also triggers with the sun jdk.

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