[fyi] icedtea-web - making browsers tests more stable - softkiller, session backup and it integration to firefox

Pavel Tisnovsky ptisnovs at redhat.com
Wed Nov 21 05:48:02 PST 2012

Hi Jiri,

First part:
 - I can't say anything about the softkiller itself ;-), let's have another pair of eyes to look at it
 - Makefile changes looks ok

Second part:
 - All license headers are now indented by one more char in the diff - I'm not sure how it happened
   but it don't have to be part of this change

 - I'm not sure if those new variables should or must be volatile because they are changed and read
   form two or more threads w/o synchronization:
+    //signifies that assasin have been summoned
+    private boolean killing = false;
+    //signifies that assasin have done its job
+    private boolean killed = false;

 - Support for more listeners - OK

 - listener.lineReaded()... AFAIK "readed" should be written as "read" because it is irregular verb ;)

 - Following code is a bit strange, some copy & paste error? :)
+        } catch (NullPointerException ex) {
+            ex.printStackTrace();
+        } //do not want to bother output with terminations
+        //mostly compaling when assassin kill the process about StreamClosed
+        //do not want to bother output with terminations
+        //mostly compaling when assassin kill the process about StreamClosed

+    public static void closeWindow(String pid) throws Exception {
+        List<String> ll = new ArrayList<String>(4); <-- should be 2 here?
+        ll.add(ServerAccess.getInstance().getDir().getParent() + "/softkiller");
+        ll.add(pid);

- +    //signifies that assasin have been summoned - haha we are going to transform IT-web into a game :D

- diff -r c61b2db7d32f tests/test-extensions/net/sourceforge/jnlp/ProcessWrapper.java
  would be better to have some javadoc with explanation what this class does

- huh?
+        f.delete();
+        ;
+        f.mkdir();

In overall your big patch seems to be correct and giving that tests are now more stable
I think it's ok to push it to HEAD.


----- Jiri Vanek <jvanek at redhat.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> This is another effort to make browser tests more stable.
> First part - softkiller - is Pavels attempt to close window "like cross is clicked". Hmm It is working... I'm still not sure how. Firefox looks to endure longer without safe mode, but eg opera can not survive it. And eg streams from browsers are flushed more properly. But also some lags are here which make it simetimes unstable. It also contains its integration to ITW make processes.
> /me  is not taking any responsibility for this part :)
> Second part is oriented to usage of softkiller where possible and to backuping and restoring of FF sessions(by backuping/restoring profiles).
> To do this I had to do quite large refactoring, so the "executeProcess" logic will possible to accept implementations of some Interfaces, and then will be able to launch the interface's methods.
> All the executeProcess have been moved to ProcessWraper class. (old methods in ServerAccess like executeJavaws are now creating ProcessWraper instance). All browsers now Implements ReactableProcess, which can be called
> by executeProcess beforeProcess, afterProcess,beforeKill and afterKill. Implementation is done just for firefox, but I believe it will be helpful when other processes eill nedd some tunning. Usage of interface's methods in firefox for backuping/restoring session is quite strightforward then
> Any hints (especially to this early design) welcomed!
> J.

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