[Bug 1026] Apps fail to run because of the nanoxml parser's strict XML validation

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--- Comment #8 from Heiko <lil_tux at web.de> ---
Just to be clear, jnlp-7-mrel-spec states:

"URLs in a JNLP file should always be properly encoded (also known as "escaped"
form in RFC 2396 Section 2.4.2), e.g., a space should be represented as %20 in
a HTTP URL. A JNLP Client must use the URL exactly as specified in the JNLP
file when making a request to the Web server"


request ::= href [ "?" arguments ]
arguments ::= key "=" value ( "&" key "=" value ) *

"Should" does not mean "must". And the client must not alter the URL, which in
<=icetea-web-1.3 is done by the kind-of broken nanoxml code.

The patch I use stops nanoxml from changing '&' to '&amp;', where nanoxml
kind-of runs amok since it tries to do the replacement everywhere, even in
URLs, descriptions and PCDATA.

Is there an easy way to test out icedtea-web-1.4? Im currently on:

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