Icedtea 2.4.0, build CACAO/OpenJDK -> 'ERROR: You seem to not have installed ALSA 0.9.1 or higher.'

Stefan Ring stefan at
Fri Jun 14 12:15:11 PDT 2013

> However, I noticed some errors in the build output that might be related,
> e.g., line 1091:
> /bin/sh: /bin/egrep: No such file or directory
> On my system:
> $ which egrep
> /usr/bin/egrep

/bin, /usr/bin unification seems to be all the rage these days. On my
Fedora system, /bin is actually a symlink to /usr/bin. In your case, I
would create a fresh bin directory somewhere (in your home), symlink
everything from both /bin and /usr/bin there and use that as

> I need to build new CACAO sources because I'm working on a related project
> as part of an undergrad course and later my Bachelor thesis. I have built it
> before with GNU Classpath and without IcedTea, but I wanted to try OpenJDK
> as well. If there is a way to build CACAO for OpenJDK without building
> OpenJDK itself and you could point it out to me, I might not give up on it
> now.

Build it with icedtea. Once you have a build, you'll not need to touch
the icedtea/OpenJDK bits anymore.

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