IcedTea 1.12.5 windows build errors

Alex Kasko alex.kasko.lists at
Tue Jun 18 04:17:39 PDT 2013

On 06/18/2013 10:43 AM, Stefan Ring wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 12:20 AM, Alex Kasko <alex.kasko.lists at> wrote:
>> I've built IcedTea 1.12.5 for windows-i586 successfully. If anybody want to
>> test it, j2sdk-image is here -
>> (sha1: 25998c275159622bc22137f36ce1925da905e530). Tested with "make test"
>> (on windows 2000) and running "bin/jconsole.exe" on (windows 2000 and
>> windows 2003 x64). windows-amd64 build is in progress.
>> I applied some patches, most of them are straightforward (use bundled
>> zip/gif/png/jpeg, exclude rhino) only one is non-obvious (windows specific
>> AWT problem, patched it "blindly", will look at it thoroughly). Patches are
>> quite messy right now, I'll publish them later.
> Congratulations on your Windows build!
Thanks! BTW amd64 build is done [1] (sha1: 
6e1872aaeced3ba07f780b3a0583a4d6537a71a1) from the same sources as i586 
one and I'm going to look at the patches.

> From the output, it looks like
> you were using cygwin. How much of cygwin does it need? Just make and
> the shell?
I'm using stripped down version of cygwin [2] with custom make binary [3]

> And I guess you did a non-bootstrap build?
I'm not sure, what exactly is "bootstrap build"? I copied patched 
openjdk sources into windows and built them calling "make" from the top 
directory (I guess this is called "control build").

>>>> Questions about all that:
>>>> 1) Is there something like "$ ./configure ; make download-openjdk" for
>>>> IcedTea 1.12.5 to get patched openjdk sources?
> I'd try make extract.
On the quick glance "make extract" leave "icedtea6-1.12.5/openjdk" 
directory unpatched.


Alex Kasko

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