/hg/release/icedtea6-1.11: Fix patches to work with patch tools ...

Omair Majid omajid at redhat.com
Wed Jun 26 10:50:37 PDT 2013

On 06/26/2013 10:49 AM, omajid at icedtea.classpath.org wrote:
> changeset c5297dd496da in /hg/release/icedtea6-1.11
> details: http://icedtea.classpath.org/hg/release/icedtea6-1.11?cmd=changeset;node=c5297dd496da
> author: Omair Majid <omajid at redhat.com>
> date: Wed Jun 26 10:47:13 2013 -0400
> 	Fix patches to work with patch tools that can not handle renames

Quick summary of the fix: some patches previously contained
extended-diff-style metadata:

> rename from src/share/vm/oops/symbolOop.cpp
> rename to src/share/vm/oops/symbol.cpp

Some versions (at least) of the GNU patch command can not handle this.
This was causing 'make patch' to break on some systems. This changeset
fixes the problem by including a second patch to represent the file
rename (without obscuring the original patch too much).


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