[rfc][icedtea-web] a new reproducer for LiveConnect J->JS "get" tests

Jana Fabrikova jfabriko at redhat.com
Wed Mar 6 07:35:05 PST 2013


please see the attached patch of new reproducer for J->JS "reading JS 
variables from J".

Several of the testcases in the patch have commented annotations 
KnownToFailInBrowser, (which i have implemented but is not included yet.)

thanks for any comments,

2013-03-06  Jana Fabrikova <jfabriko at redhat.com>

	* /tests/reproducers/simple/JToJSGet/testcases/JToJSGetTest.java:
	adding 8 testcases based on the interactive Liveconnect JS->Java
	overloaded function resolution tests

	* /tests/reproducers/simple/JToJSGet/srcs/JToJSGet.java:
	the applet that reads variables from JS

	* /tests/reproducers/simple/JToJSGet/resources/JToJS_Get.js:
	auxiliary JavaScript code

	* /tests/reproducers/simple/JToJSGet/resources/jtojs-get.jnlp:
	jnlp file for displaying applet in the html page

	* /tests/reproducers/simple/JToJSGet/resources/JToJSGet.html:
	the html page where the applet reading JS variables is embedded
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