[rfc][icedtea-web] German localization & English messages' cleanup proposals

Jacob Wisor gitne at excite.co.jp
Sat Mar 9 20:47:25 PST 2013

Hello there!

Sorry for responding so late but I had my hands full with different stuff lately. Nevertheless, I managed to get the localization done so far. I have also put forward some proposals cleaning up English messages. The German localization is based on those proposals. There are three messages that I still cannot figure out what they supposed to mean exactly: SPLASHdefaultHomepage, SPLASHerrorInInformation, and SPLASHmissingInformation. Though they are localized as reasonably as it gets.

I have incorporated all comments that I have received that I found reasonable. In a few messages I have reverted to terms in favor of consistency. Groupbox titles' have received decorations with nbsps for better legibility, hence they do not stick so closely to boxes.

I am going to provide localizations for the latest messages together with a patch for Polish.

Happy reviewing!


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