Re: [rfc][icedtea-web] read properties values from C part - libraryedition :)

Jacob Wisor gitne at
Tue Mar 19 15:20:05 PDT 2013

"Adam Domurad"<adomurad at> wrote:
> On 03/19/2013 09:41 AM, Jiri Vanek wrote:
> > So another round. I think all is fixed excet the c x c+++ headers. Do 
> > you mind t write little bit more what you need from me?
> >
> > Also unittests will be needed. I would like to wrote them, ..will need 
> > probably some code snippet and general advices from you  when I will 
> > integrate (next round?) this "library" inside ITW.
> Doesn't look half bad this time :-) Feel free to propose an integrated 
> version.
> Note that it seems the naming scheme for the CPP side is *.cc files 
> using camelcase & starting capital, so name it, and 
> give a header called ParseProperties.h.
> (Side note:   Actually, they all have the form IcedTea*.cc, but I think 
> this is too noisy. I'd be in favour of removing this prefix for all the 
> files actually, any thoughts on this ?)

Removing the prefix should be fine, I guess. While at it, I would suggest to change the extension to .cpp as well. AFAIK the MSVC compiler does not recognize .cc files as C++ (perhaps MSVC 11 does, I have not checked yet and I am not into the standards either). Not that it really matters in the context of IcedTea, but there might be somebody in the future who would like to build IcedTea-Web on Windows with a proprietary toolchain.

I am currently tring to build the IcedTea-Web Plugin with MinGW64-w64 on Windows. So far, most of the code seams to be okay, despite a few necessary adjustments. Though, I found a specific dependency on glibc with the mkfifo() function. I am not sure whether to replace it with Windows specific code or whether there is a suitable implementation in Cygwin (could not check because the cygwin website was down lately). Any hints or ideas on that?



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