icedtea6 fails to bootstrap on Fedora 17/18

Stefan Ring stefan at
Tue Mar 26 05:39:16 PDT 2013

>> Interestingly, the package has been updated only rather recently (Oct
>> 2012, long after the F17 release):
>> <>.
>> The build works just fine with the previous version.
> Ugh, sorry this causes you pain!  In case you are wondering, this update
> was largely driven by demand:

Well, you can find demand for almost anything. That doesn't
automatically make it worthwile. But now that it has already happened,
let's progress forward and not dwell on it any longer. F17 will be
obsolete fairly soon.

> I see you've been pointed at a workaround, but do you mind filing this
> as a bug?  I can't promise to look at it right away, but it would be
> great if it was tracked.

As long as I know the cause of my problem and a workaround for it, I'm happy.

I don't know of any clear rules which files get picked up and compiled
by a Java compiler. This seems to me rather nebulous at best and
probably subject to change over time, so we can only accept that it
behaves the way it does. For this reason, I wouldn't even know what to
report in a new bug report. It would be pointlessly wasted effort.
Let's just try to cope with it and move on.


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