[rfc][icedtea-web] read properties values from C part - library edition :)

Adam Domurad adomurad at redhat.com
Thu Mar 28 06:11:54 PDT 2013

On 03/22/2013 06:24 AM, Jiri Vanek wrote:
> On 03/21/2013 09:08 PM, Adam Domurad wrote:
>> Looks good, just one thing -- all the other string utilities are 
>> static functions in the class
>> IcedTeaPluginUtilities. I'd prefer strongly if this was consistent 
>> (even if a bit more wordy). When
>> a person looks for such a utility function, they may miss it otherwise.
> Sure, sorry for  for overlooking it in previous round:(
> J.

Looks good.

[..large snip..]
> +//This is different from common get property, as it is avoiding to 
> search in *java*
> +//properties files

[nit] I found this comment a bit hard to understand, consider being more 
[..large snip..]

Anyway, good to push either way.

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