Upcoming release of 1.4.1

Jakob Wisor gitne at gmx.de
Thu Sep 12 08:10:20 PDT 2013


Jiri Vanek wrote:
> Hi folks!
> As fixes for 1.4 are multiplying, I would like to  propose release of 
> icedtea-web 1.4 at the beginning of next week.
> Please consider branch frozen in that time, as it will be subject of 
> testing.
> J.

I have realized that IcedTea-Web's Mercurial repo does not carry any branches, 
instead some revisions are tagged with versions.
Just out of curiosity, and before I screw up and perhaps messing up IcedTea's 
source control server, what's the process for pushing patches to those tagged 
revisions? I mean, I can surely create a branch locally but when I am going to 
push it I am unsure about the results on IcedTea-Web's repo. Or, should we send 
Jiri patches based on a tagged revision and he will do the merge?

Well, just on a side note; This is one reason I am fed up with Mercurial. No one 
really knows what Mercurial does or how it is going to behave on specific 
commands. The documentation is not very helpful either.
Another reason is certainly Selenc's sucky Mercurial for Windows port, mainly 
because it does not call Win32 API's Unicode functions where it is needed most: 
Files (not even 14 years after Windows 2000???). It is even worse, it is mixing 
ANSI and Unicode function calls. :-( Tell ya, a pain in the b*tt... I mean, who 
cares? It's just files, right? Oh wait, aren't files a key concept in source 
control systems? Jee gosh, they are, but again who cares? ...

Sorry for bragging, but Mercurial is not the kind of help I would expect from a 
distributed source control system.
Nevertheless, happy hacking and committing, ;-)


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