IcedTea-web: Memory leak - java side

Efrat Lefeber ELefeber at
Wed Jan 15 07:15:39 PST 2014

I am using icedtea-6-plugin with firefox on linux debian (wheezy).
I noticed that after opening applets in firefox tabs, and closing them, some objects in java plugin are not released, which causes the heap size of the jvm to keep increasing.
For example, I see that the PluginAppletViewer object is not released, also the applet object itself and each classloader of each applet.
If I open and close a webpage containing a java applet, the jvm eventually will get out of memory exception.
Looking at the plugin code, I see that when closing the applet window, the function PluginAppletViewer.destroyApplet is called, but in this flow, not all objects are release.

Is there a way to free the memory without taking down the jvm to prevent the increase in memory?


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