Applets: key events, OBJECT/EMBED

Stefan Reich stefan.reich.maker.of.eye at
Wed Jan 15 17:31:37 PST 2014

Hi again...

I am almost totally fed up with the state of applets in browsers these days

IcedTea/Firefox with APPLET tag: works generally, but: key events do not
work at all. (They work in appletviewer.) See here: (Try clicking on the text
and then pressing left key or right key.)

Also, still there is the 100% CPU problem. I tried kill -3 with that, but
it only stops the plug-in (instead of printing a stack trace)...

IcedTea/Firefox with OBJECT/EMBED tag: Just hangs. Gray area. Check here:

Weirdly, I've seen the OBJECT/EMBED version work, for example here:

This is all really confusing... :[

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