Javaws always download the application CGoban3

Jesús Gómez jgomo3 at
Sat Jan 11 13:32:48 PST 2014

Hello. In order to be able to play Go on KGS, i have to install this

After javaws install it, it place an icon in my desktop. But every time i
open the application via the Desktop icon, it begin to download and install
it again.

So i installed Java from Oracle, and it only download the app once. After
that, if a open the app from the Desktop icon, it simply run CGoban3.

So i thought you could want to know this.

P.D: I'm using Lubuntu 13.10 with javaws from icedtea package and the
standard openjdk-7 package. And i just installed Oracle Java via this

[2] ppa:webupd8team/java
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