IcedTea-web: Memory leak - java side

Efrat Lefeber ELefeber at
Thu Jan 16 05:37:25 PST 2014

My problems are only with the java side. What I see are two major leaks:
1. PluginAppletViewer
2. ApplicationShutdownHook in JNLPClassLoader

Are there tests that run applets to the plugin in a loop on the same jvm? I get OutOfMemory exceptions very fast.

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On 01/16/2014 10:16 AM, Efrat Lefeber wrote:
> Do you know why it was reverted? When will a new patch be released? I am working on a project and it is very urgent for me.
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> * Efrat Lefeber <ELefeber at> [2014-01-15 10:27]:
>> I am using icedtea-6-plugin with firefox on linux debian (wheezy).
>> I noticed that after opening applets in firefox tabs, and closing
>> them, some objects in java plugin are not released, which causes the
>> heap size of the jvm to keep increasing.
>> For example, I see that the PluginAppletViewer object is not
>> released, also the applet object itself and each classloader of each applet.
>> If I open and close a webpage containing a java applet, the jvm
>> eventually will get out of memory exception.
>> Looking at the plugin code, I see that when closing the applet
>> window, the function PluginAppletViewer.destroyApplet is called, but
>> in this flow, not all objects are release.
>> Is there a way to free the memory without taking down the jvm to
>> prevent the increase in memory?
> I know some objects are kept around to make subsequent startups faster.
> But PluginAppletViewer does not sound like something that belongs on that list.
> Adam (Domurad) had proposed a patch to clean memory as much as possible but I think at one point it had to be reverted.

Did he?

He fixed many, really *many* leaks in C part. All are in, and none was ever reverted.
Here we are about java side. AFAIK the leaks here were never tried to be hunted.

Also freeing of PluginAppletViewer .... I doubt someone have ever tried...

I have cc'ed him but I do not wont to bother him during studies. So unless I really missed something...
> Jiri, Andrew, do you know the status of this?



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