[rfc][cedtea-web] another reproducers stabilization

Jiri Vanek jvanek at redhat.com
Thu Jan 16 06:50:25 PST 2014

On 01/16/2014 03:45 PM, Andrew Azores wrote:
> On 01/16/2014 08:58 AM, Jiri Vanek wrote:
>> Thsi is removing more xception checks from itw. By this patch another 300 reproducers will become
>> stably green. Unluckily, the revert of
>> http://mail.openjdk.java.net/pipermail/distro-pkg-dev/2014-January/025764.html is stil needed, and
>> intersection of fixed tests is zero :(
>> J.
> Why are these checks now invalid? Are the exceptions no longer printed for some reason, or are they
> going to stdout rather than stderr? Or are they now catching false negatives ie exceptions are


> occurring that do not actually signify test failures?
> Thanks,

They were ensuring  that *no* *general* exception occurred.  Unluckily in many test runs some 
completely unrelated, and absolutely harmless exceptions  are printed.  The torturing of 
browsers/java by repeated kill -9 do this.

So Although at first the tests were "pessimists" == everything have to be ok. Now they are 
"optimistic" == just the core of reproducer passed.

Although I'm fan of "pessimistic"  tests. In this case it caused the great instability of engine - 
random failures each run.


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