building icedtea-7 on ARM

Grant emailgrant at
Tue Jan 21 07:22:54 PST 2014

>>> Hi Andrew, can you point me in the right direction with this?  Here
>>> are a couple errors I'm getting depending on compile options and
>>> bootstrap VM:
>> This may be the bug that Chris Philips is working on.
>> Chris?
>> Andrew.
> Neither of these look familiar (though I recollect some issues in the
> cryptocheck
> for other archs so it may be a generic failure...).
> I am planning update the it7-head forest with latest arm32 stuff in near
> future so it
> might be better to await that event. (Near future ~ a week +/- ).
> Chris

Hi Chris, I don't mean for this to be a bump, but a genuine offer to
help.  I need icedtea-7 on ARM for business so I would be happy to
contribute monetarily.

- Grant

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