Adapting IcedTea for the new OpenJDK build system (build-infra)

Magnus Ihse Bursie magnus.ihse.bursie at
Wed Jan 22 12:55:17 PST 2014

Picking up an old thread...

On 2012-08-24 15:34, Andrew Hughes wrote:
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>> Hi IcedTea developers,
>> As some (most, I hope) of you know, we're about to replace the old
>> build
>> system in OpenJDK, with a completely rewritten build system, based on
>> autoconf and more structured makefiles (the build-infra project).
>> This project is slowly but surely getting closer to delivery.
>> I don't know if anybody in the IcedTea community have tried out the
>> new
>> build system, or been thinking about how to integrate it with
>> IcedTea's
>> build system, but if not -- now would be a good time to start! :-) We
>> still don't have any official dates, but it is likely that the switch
>> to
>> the new build system is at least not that many months away...
>> I'd be happy to assist in answering questions and helping out in
>> making
>> such an adaptation. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to dwelve
>> into IcedTea right now to provide you with a complete patch, so (as
>> usual) the burden of adapting IcedTea to the changes in OpenJDK falls
>> on
>> your community. Nevertheless, one of the driving ideas behind the
>> change
>> was to simplify building, so hopefully it should not be hard to get
>> it
>> to fit in in the IcedTea build process.
> I'm aware of the work, but haven't had chance to try it yet.  It's a change
> that affects OpenJDK8 and our main focus has been on 6 & 7 so far, as that's
> what we actually ship.
> I do plan to start looking at it, but we need to be careful that we don't
> regress in doing so i.e. we need to be able to produce an near-identical
> image from the new build as we do now from the old one, and there are a lot
> of required fixes on top that we're still in the process of upstreaming.
> It also may be that we end up not needing IcedTea for 8 if enough work goes
> upstream.  That's something we need to consider as well.

Now, 1.5 years later and with the release of JDK8 getting closer, I'm 
just curious on how the IcedTea project is doing with JDK8. I've been 
skimming this list and I haven't seen any references to JDK8, but I'm 
not sure what that means.

Have you started any IcedTea support for JDK8, or did it actually end up 
with IcedTea not being needed for JDK8? Is the new build system of any help?


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