/hg/icedtea-web: Improve PolicyTool launch method in PolicyPanel

Jiri Vanek jvanek at redhat.com
Mon Jan 27 06:39:16 PST 2014

>> +     * @param filePath a {@link String} representing the path of the file to attempt to open
>> +     * @throws Exception if any sort of exception occurs during reflective launch of policytool
>> +     */
>> +    private static void reflectivePolicyToolLaunch(final String filePath) throws Exception {
>> +        Class<?> policyTool = Class.forName("sun.security.tools.policytool.PolicyTool");
> What about JRE 6? You could catch a ClassNotFoundException here and then try to get
> sun.security.tools.PolicyTool. And, if that fails, well then... Blow up! :-D

Well - why yes? The jdk6 is dead. We are dealing with slowly, but its true. The command exec is what 
matters. The second one is fallback.

If you have non-policytool command, non jdk7 system. Please go on and fix. Otherwise I do not 
believe it is worthy. And if we  will nit pick -what about gnu classpath ? ;)

Maybe some  better error message then
      JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(frame, message, R("Error"), JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE); ?

except that I agree with all what Jacob  pointed out.
>> +        Class<?>[] signature = new Class<?>[] { String[].class };
> Redundant. No need to create a new instance here at run-time.
>> +        Method main = policyTool.getDeclaredMethod("main", signature);
> Just substitute "signature" with "String[].class".
>> +        Object args = new String[] { "-file", filePath };
> Why is "args" of type Object? String[] should be fine and Method.invoke() won't complain because
> String[] inherits from Object. ;-)
Especially this.. My overlook.

And yes - the  invoke later around the  joptionpane is redundant.

Thanx jacob!



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