Run icedtea-web using JamVM

Omair Majid omajid at
Fri Oct 3 20:31:43 UTC 2014

* Felipe Scarel <fbscarel at> [2014-10-03 14:48]:
> The problem is I used OpenJDK-7 to build the image in my host environment, and
> understandably IcedTea won't work on the resulting image, complaining 'java' is
> not on the PATH. I have access to JamVM on Buildroot (as this package has
> already been made available previously), so my question is: can I use
> icedtea-web with JamVM (rather than OpenJDK-JRE)?

Can you elaborate what this JamVM is? Is it the JavmVM virtual machine
built so that it uses the OpenJDK class libraries?

As far as I know, IcedTea-Web has almost no dependencies on the VM
itself - it really just expects a working valid JVM. It doesn't really
know anything specific about Hotspot. So, in a sense, a move from
Hotspot VM to JamVM VM should be invisible.

IcedTea-Web does care about the class libraries though. It is designed
to work with OpenJDK's class libraries. It uses internal API that's not
part of the Java SE specification. It wont work with GNU classpath, for


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