[rfc] [icedtea-web] make PAthsAndFilles to follow seted paths

Jiri Vanek jvanek at redhat.com
Wed Apr 1 16:41:25 UTC 2015

> There is one thing I just noticed:
>       public static Map<String, Setting<String>> getDefaults() {
>           SecurityManager sm = System.getSecurityManager();
>           if (sm != null) {
> +            sm.checkRead(USER_DEPLOYMENT_FILE.getDefaultFullPath());
>               sm.checkRead(USER_DEPLOYMENT_FILE.getFullPath());
>           }
> Are you sure this is correct to check both default filepath and possibly non-default filepath? What happens when default doesn't exist, or when non-default doesn't exist? To me it should just check whichever actually is being used, not both.

Yes I'm aware of this bit strange thing.
Maybe only sm.checkRead(USER_DEPLOYMENT_FILE.getFullPath()) schould be checked?

I did not tested that, but accoding tojavadoc (and code) not existing file is ok, as it  do nothing with file itself or its existence, but with  RuntimePermission("readFileDescriptor").


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