[Bug 2301] Internal Error (compilationPolicy.cpp:80) Error: Unimplemented()

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--- Comment #17 from Xerxes RÃ¥nby <xerxes at zafena.se> ---
(In reply to Tony Reix from comment #6)
> We tried running the following commands on PPC64LE and X86 VMs and results
> are listed below.
> Command	                                    Result
>                                      PPC64LE	X86_64
> $ java –client -version             	Fail	Pass
> $ java –server -version         	Pass	Pass

Your own test indicate that ppc64le have both a C1 and a C2 compiler.
The C2 server compiler accept the -XX:+TieredCompilation because it is a C2
specific optimization.

The reason why X86_64 work with -client and -XX:+TieredCompilation is because
the /jre/lib/amd64/jvm.cfg file contain the line -client IGNORE thus X86_64 is
using the server C2 compile for both -client and -server!

A workaround for you is to edit the /jre/lib/ppc*/jvm.cfg on your system and
disable use of the C1 client on ppc64le by changing
-client KNOWN
-client IGNORE

With that change you will always use the C2 compiler that accept the
-XX:+TieredCompilation flag, just like x86_64.

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