[Bug 2233] [IcedTea7] Discover gsettings symbols separately so early versions of GLib can be used (e.g. on RHEL 6)

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Fri Apr 24 19:40:35 UTC 2015


--- Comment #3 from hg commits <mercurial at icedtea.classpath.org> ---
author: Andrew John Hughes <gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org>
date: Fri Apr 24 20:39:36 2015 +0100

    Update build following PR2233 & PR2236.

    2015-04-24  Andrew John Hughes  <gnu.andrew at member.fsf.org>

        Update build following PR2233 & PR2236.
        * Makefile.am:
        (bootstrap-directory-stage1): Update ppc64le
        workaround for 2.5.x ppc64 -> 2.6.x ppc64le
        transition rather than 2.4.x ppc64le -> 2.5.x
        ppc64 transition.
        * acinclude.m4:
        (IT_SET_ARCH_SETTINGS): Update powerpc64le
        to use ppc64le for arch directory.
        (IT_ENABLE_ZERO_BUILD): Include ppc64le in
        ZERO_LIBARCH test, as ZERO_LIBARCH is based
        on INSTALL_ARCH_DIR.
        (IT_CHECK_FOR_GIO): Make GSettings API optional.

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