[icedtea-web] mozilla-plugin alternative?

Lunac Crane majorlunac at inbox.com
Sat Apr 25 17:41:40 UTC 2015

While configuring icedtea-web to compile, I get the error:

No package 'mozilla-plugin' found

I see that the wiki recommends xulrunner-devel (mozilla-plugin) package, but I already have firefox installed in my home user directory, due to the frequent updates of firefox. Is there an alternative way to have icedtea-web recognize mozilla or whichever of its components it needs without having to install xulrunner-devel or other extra mozilla/firefox packages? I see it mentions to assign the environment variables MOZILLA_CFLAGS and MOZILLA_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config, but I have no idea what they need to be assigned to, and have found no resources on it.

I literally just download an ESR release from the following and extract it somewhere in /home/user1/ and just use a symlink to the firefox binary:


If I've sent this message wrongly somehow, I apologize as it's my first time using mailing lists, and I've found no other way of obtaining support for this problem.

Luna C.

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