[Bug 2289] Internal Error (safepoint.cpp:321)

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Daniel Moran <xdagarwynn at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #23 from Daniel Moran <xdagarwynn at gmail.com> ---
Update for anyone that runs into this issue: I have been able to narrow it down
to one of two possible variables.  Good news: It is neither IcedTea or OpenJDK.
 Something in the Ubuntu install for X99 systems just seems to outright break

Possible factors that resolved this:
1) Installing in UEFI mode over legacy.
2) Updating to 4.4 kernel in Ubuntu
3) Not choosing to use the proprietary processor microcode changes.

My system is now fixed and I have duplicated both the occurrence and resolution
using another X99 system. Sorry Mr. Hughes for all the confusion and I do hope
to both document and share these results as I wonder if this will also affect
Skylake and beyond.

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