icedtea download and backup server upgraded

Mark Wielaard mark at
Mon Sep 21 11:20:39 UTC 2015


The icedtea downloads and backup server ( got a
new ip address, upgraded to new hardware and a newer version of Debian
this weekend.

This server makes backups of everything on the main icedtea server and
provides the downloads and hg web archives tar balls. It also provides
an alternative (read-only) way to clone the mercurial archives (and
provides some backups of the openjdk mercurial repos).

If everything went well this should not be noticeable except for the
backup server being slightly faster. But if there is any trouble please
yell and scream.



P.S. Since the icedtea project relies on the md5sum of the hg web
archive tar balls the new server creates bit-compatible versions (at
least that it the intent). This means that they are in ustar format,
don't include a .hg_archival.txt and the the user and group of the files
are explicitly set to the strings "user" and "group".

This was a bit of a pain to get correct since different versions of
python have different defaults and mercurial doesn't offer a way to
tweak the exact format and user/group names to use in the archive tar
file created.

We are kind of stuck with this if we want to support old versions
checkouts of icedtea. But it would be beneficial if we could find a way
for the build to not rely on the generated hg web archive tar balls
being exactly bit-compatible in the future.

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