[Bug 2489] jnlp.LaunchException: Fatal: Initialization Error - NullPointerException SecurityDialogs.showMissingALACAttributePanel when codebase not specified

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Thu Jan 14 14:55:34 UTC 2016


--- Comment #9 from Neon <trineo at gmail.com> ---
for icedtea-web 1.5.1 (rhel-1.el6-x86_64) setting
deployment.manifest.attributes.check=false does work around the NPE.

for icedtea-web 1.6.1 (rhel-4.el7-x86_64), I cannot set it to false. Setting
deployment.manifest.attributes.check=NONE, did not address the NPE.

rhel7.2 $ itweb-settings.itweb list | grep manifest

Property "deployment.manifest.attributes.check" has incorrect value "false".
Possible values (Values that can be used alone only): [ALL, NONE] (Values that
can be used in combination separated by the delimiter "," with no space

If RHEL 6 will be moving to icedtea-web 1.6.x, we really need this fix
back-ported into 1.6.x. This issue is really for our end-users, so we cannot
live with a self built 1.6.2. I will have to check with my sysadmin to see how
we can submit a REDHAT support request.

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