[Bug 2137] IcedTea Web no longer works with Dell Poweredge Remote Access Consoles as of 1.5.1

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May you please try with 1.6? iDracs and other dell remote accesses are known to
be working. But this exact case odes not sound familiar to me. Also, is there
some url where I can debug(I doubt:( )?

Attached files looks very valid, and ITW read them fine. But codebase is
private network.

The java.io.FileNotFoundException:
/home/philip/.config/icedtea-web/deployment.properties is harmless exception
(and removed in 1.6)

The "netx: Read Error: Could not read or parse the JNLP file. (name can't be
null)" msotly means that something was not even downloaded.
Th eprivate network is https, there were changes in jdk in https security
handling, and some older implementations were disabled. So if that private
network was tesint machine, the used algorithms could be disabled. You cen
reenable them in java.securty file of yours java installation.

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