RFR: aarch64: Backports from jdk8 to jdk7

Edward Nevill edward.nevill at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 16:01:35 UTC 2016


Is it OK to backport the following changesets from jdk8 to jdk7? Only aarch64 specific files are changed.

Tested with jtreg hotspot and langtools. Results before and after are the same.

hotspot: Test results: passed: 297; failed: 12; error: 2
langtools: Test results: passed: 1,973; failed: 1


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comparing with ssh://enevill@icedtea.classpath.org/hg/icedtea7-forest/hotspot
running ssh enevill at icedtea.classpath.org 'hg -R hg/icedtea7-forest/hotspot serve --stdio'
searching for changes
changeset:   6386:bf7090ef17e9
user:        hshi
date:        Thu Nov 26 15:37:04 2015 +0000
files:       src/cpu/aarch64/vm/templateTable_aarch64.cpp
8143584: Load constant pool tag and class status with load acquire
Reviewed-by: roland, aph

changeset:   6387:450160531b54
user:        aph
date:        Wed Dec 16 11:35:59 2015 +0000
files:       src/cpu/aarch64/vm/templateInterpreter_aarch64.cpp
8144582: AArch64 does not generate correct branch profile data
Reviewed-by: kvn

changeset:   6388:06ae64257dad
user:        fyang
date:        Mon Dec 07 21:14:56 2015 +0800
files:       src/cpu/aarch64/vm/stubGenerator_aarch64.cpp
8144201: aarch64: jdk/test/com/sun/net/httpserver/Test6a.java fails with --enable-unlimited-crypto
Summary: Fix typo in stub generate_cipherBlockChaining_decryptAESCrypt
Reviewed-by: roland

changeset:   6389:c07fdacd4144
user:        hshi
date:        Wed Jan 20 04:56:51 2016 -0800
files:       src/cpu/aarch64/vm/c1_LIRAssembler_aarch64.cpp
8147805: aarch64: C1 segmentation fault due to inline Unsafe.getAndSetObject
Summary: In Aarch64 LIR_Assembler.atomic_op, keep stored data reference register in decompressed forms as it may be used later
Reviewed-by: aph
Contributed-by: hui.shi at linaro.org, felix.yang at linaro.org

changeset:   6390:f0eabae221c8
tag:         tip
user:        enevill
date:        Tue Jan 26 14:04:01 2016 +0000
files:       src/cpu/aarch64/vm/aarch64.ad
8148240: aarch64: random infrequent null pointer exceptions in javac
Summary: Disable fp as an allocatable register
Reviewed-by: aph
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