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Sat Oct 6 08:23:54 PDT 2007

Mark Reinhold wrote:
> The minutes of the first two OpenJDK GB meetings have been posted to the
> gb-discuss list [1] and to the web [2,3], with a summary in my blog [4].
> Please direct comments and questions to the gb-discuss list.  You'll need
> to subscribe first if you haven't already; messages from non-subscribers
> are discarded in order to avoid spam.

Thank you very much for posting the minutes, Mark, and for the extensive
write up of the discussion. They must have been a lot of work to make,
so a round of applause is in order.

I wanted to add that there is another set of minutes from an OpenJDK TCK
license related IGB phone conference forthcoming, where I had the chance
to ask Carla a lot of questions (and receive answers) about the legalese
and its practical effects.

I solicited the questions from Andrew Haley, Matthias Klose, Christian
Thalinger, and others, and did it on IRC/via the phone as the whole
OpenJDK TCK license happened rather quickly. I think the conference call
was announced to our regular slot two days before it happened. The
minutes for that call would provide a useful document for the public
discussing[1] the creation of the conformance group, so I hope that
we'll get them pushed out as soon as possible.

That's in particular related to the IGB, as per the IGB will need to vote on the
creation of the new group after Friday, the 12th October.

Since we'll have a face to face IGB meeting on Sunday, the 14th October,
I would like to make the


that the IGB votes on the creation of the OpenJDK conformance group, and
that the IGB votes whether the OpenJDK conformance group has the power
to grant Membership at the face to face meeting of the OpenJDK IGB. [2]

dalibor topic

[2] Pardon my odd typography, I'm new at this. I also hope that this
format will be easier for mr to summarize in minutes.

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