OpenJDK Community Bylaws and Governing Board

Doug Lea dl at
Sun Feb 6 15:08:48 PST 2011

On 02/05/11 07:56, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> if you are not addressing these things, please
> at least document the rational for not addressing these issue.

I think there are only two such things:
I hope a revised Contributor agreement is dealt with soon.
We also need some per-project process documents describing
rules and conventions about repository usage, commit rules,
reviews, testing, and releases.
I still agree that these need attention by the GB and others,
but I still don't see how they directly impact bylaws.

> So, does OpenJDK implement/define JavaSE or not?

No; OpenJDK will produce stable releases of projects such as
"jdk8" that might just so happen to implement some other
bodies' definition of "Java SE 8".

I continue to think that one can and should omit reference
to any such other bodies or corporations in these parts
of the bylaws. So for example, no reference TCK licenses
or Oracle branding agreements pertaining to products.
However, the GB is required to ensure that contributors have
access to "infrastructure": code, docs, tests, reviewers, etc
necessary to successfully contribute. Which is likely to
include those tests that comprise the TCK, as well as
participation in a (hopefully revamped) "compatibility
review" process that occasionally rejects (occasionally for
good reason :-) bug fixes on the grounds of backward
compatibility. And so on.


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