OpenJDK Community Bylaws and Governing Board

Mark Wielaard mark at
Tue Feb 8 15:00:12 PST 2011

On Tue, 2011-02-08 at 22:44 +0000, mike.milinkovich at wrote:
> Mark,
> I understand. But I would point out that we should not confuse the issue of the board with providing feedback on the bylaws. Additional feedback on the document itself would be appreciated. 

Even more? Have you resolved all earlier reported issues already? :)
Seriously, I was under the impression that the makeup of the newly
proposed board was part of the bylaws. I have given feedback on the text
of that, which I hope you will consider for revision. In particular, the
bylaws currently suggest that the board should have three appointed
members with a minority number of seats for independent candidates. I
propose you change that to something more in line with the previous
bylaws which at least made sure there was a majority of independent
seats. And ideally it doesn't have any non-democratic seats.



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