IBM participation in OpenJDK

Jason Gartner jgartner at
Wed Feb 9 16:14:18 PST 2011

IBM joined OpenJDK so our first order of business is figuring out how to
participate. We're committed and we're working there now and without
community bylaws, or board or anything.  We do have active members today
and as we get more and more involved in OpenJDK, I expect you to see more
of us within the community.

I have been digesting (not fast enough) the feedback that has been coming
in through this mechanism and I'm enthusiastic that we are getting this
level of involvement and passion.  We need to continue to progress on the
charter of OpenJDK.  We all want more people to join and we need to
understand how best we can all work together.  As IBM ramps its
participation, we are learning as we go and we this as an evolution, not a
final step.  IBM is committed to seeing OpenJDK as an open community that
fosters innovation and vitality of Java.  There are many challenges that we
all face in light of reality, many of which have been raised here in the
mailing list.  Active participation is how this community and the future of
Java will ultimately be judged and we can not wait until the rules are
perfect.  We have members contributing today in spite of a lack of bylaws
because we only see it as a single step of a long journey.  Progress may be
interpreted as slow or fast depending on your vantage point, but we are
talking.  That is the main point.  IBM has built open source projects
before with significant rules and regulations to drive clarity - all of
that is good , but in the end, it's the intent that matters, and our intent
is to work here on this to move Java forward. We took a position that if we
need to rely on the rule of law, and process at openJDK, we're finished
before we even started.

A little about myself...  No, I don't write code anymore, but do consider
myself technical.  I do however, represent and lead a large Java investment
from IBM.  An investment that IBM has made since 1995.  Individuals such as
Steve Poole (referenced) take business and technical direction from me.  I
am here as the bridge between the pure technology and to balance that with
IBM's investment in Java from both a business and resource point of view.
IBM is committed to Java and the healthier the ecosystem is, the better it
is for IBM as a business.

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