Modifying graph to include InvokeNode

ATKIN-GRANVILLE Chris s1255753 at
Tue Jul 16 05:22:15 PDT 2013

Hi there,

I'm trying to modify the graph to include an invoke node to a static function after certain node types. I'm modifying the graph at a high level before LoweringPhase.class (not a requirement, can change if required). However, I'm running into issues with JVM fatal errors. The code I have at the moment looks like this:

public class MyPhase extends Phase {
	public void run(StructuredGraph graph) {
		for (Node node: graph.getNode()) {

			if ( node instanceof RandomFixedNode) {
				RandomFixedNode rfm = (RandomFixedNode) node;
				try {
					ResolvedJavaMethod method = getMethod(…);
					MethodCallTargetMode callTarget = graph.add(new MethodCallTargetNode(MethodCallTargetNode.InvokeKind.Static,
						method, new ValueNode[] {}, new HotSpotResolvedPrimitiveType(Kind.Void)));

					InvokeNode invoke = graph.add(new InvokeNode(callTarget, FrameState.UNKNOWN_BCI));
					invoke.setStateAfter(graph.add(new FrameState(FrameState.UNKNOWN_BCI)));
					graph.addAfterFixed(rfm, invoke);
				} catch (Exception e) {


I'm pretty sure the problem is do with the BCIs and/or the FrameStates, but I don't know how to fix it. The error that I get is:

Internal Error (/Volumes/Acme/Development/graal/src/share/vm/graal/graalCompilerToVM.cpp:44), pid=8466, tid=5379
assert(hotspot_method != NULL && hotspot_method->is_a(HotSpotResolvedJavaMethod::klass())) failed: sanity

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks, Chris

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