Failing typeflow responsibility assertions

Gary Benson gbenson at
Tue May 20 00:44:45 PDT 2008

John Rose wrote:
> On May 16, 2008, at 1:42 AM, Gary Benson wrote:
> > Do I have to do something to tell the CompileBroker not to feed
> > me methods full of unloaded stuff?  Oh, and I'm using -Xmixed.
> The typeflow pass builds the basic block model and typestates
> consumed by the parser.  You can't build phis correctly without
> that stuff.
> (An earlier version tried to parse, find blocks, and compute phi
> types all on the fly, but it didn't work out, so ciTypeFlow was
> added as a first pass.)
> (The new typestate maps might change this a little, but we have to
> compile w/o the maps anyway.)
> The basic block model is pruned at unreached bytecodes which would
> provoke class loading.
> As a result, the parser can (mostly) ignore unloaded classes, which
> removes lots of buggy edge cases.
> Do you use ciTypeFlow in your JIT?

That's awesome!  I wasn't using it until yesterday but I am now :)
So does the ciTypeFlow pass actually load the unloaded classes for



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