Triggering Profiler

Rouhollah Gougol rgougol at
Wed Apr 22 01:21:25 PDT 2009

To Whom It May Concern,

Could some body figure for me if the interpreter profiler in HotSpot starts
doing a method when the method's invocation_count is above and equal
InterpreterProfileLimit or when the count below that limit?

Does the code below mean a method is profiled from its first invocation
until its invocation_count reaches InterpeterProfileLimit ? If so, how about
the methods that are never compiled. Why should such methods get profiled at

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

if (ProfileInterpreter && profile_method != NULL) {
    // Test to see if we should create a method data oop
    __ cmp32(rcx,

    __ jcc(Assembler::less, *profile_method_continue);

    // if no method data exists, go to profile_method
    __ test_method_data_pointer(rax, *profile_method);


Rouhollah Gougol
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