Request for reviews (XS): 6875866 for HS16

Christian Thalinger Christian.Thalinger at Sun.COM
Thu Aug 27 02:14:19 PDT 2009

Vladimir Kozlov wrote:
> Fixed 6875866: Intrinsic for String.indexOf() is broken on x86 with SSE4.2
> Problem:
> String.indexOf SSE4.2 code starts string rescanning from
> a wrong place after failing to match a part of substring.
> Solution:
> Start from the next element after the previous match.

There is a small typo:

+     // We came here after the beginninig of the substring was


+     masm.addl(rdx, rsi);

I had a quick look at the code and sometimes rdx is changed with
addl/subl and sometimes with addq/subq.  Shouldn't we use xxxl
instructions everywhere?

-- Christian

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