PrintAssembly output - Please help

Ulf Zibis Ulf.Zibis at
Wed Dec 9 13:55:06 PST 2009

 From PrintAssembly I see some code like this:

  0x00b9bb0c: mov    $0x0,%ebx          ;...bb000000 00
                                        ;   {static_stub}
  0x00b9bb11: jmp    0x00b9bb11         ;...e9fbffff ff
                                        ;   {runtime_call}
  0x00b9bb16: mov    $0x0,%ebx          ;...bb000000 00
                                        ;   {static_stub}
  0x00b9bb1b: jmp    0x00b9bb1b         ;...e9fbffff ff
                                        ;   {runtime_call}
  0x00b9bb20: mov    $0x0,%ebx          ;...bb000000 00
                                        ;   {static_stub}
  0x00b9bb25: jmp    0x00b9bb25         ;...e9fbffff ff
                                        ;   {runtime_call}
[Exception Handler]
  0x00b9bb2a: jmp    0x00b90f00         ;...e9d153ff ff
                                        ;   {runtime_call}
  0x00b9bb2f: push   $0xb9bb2f          ;...682fbbb9 00
                                        ;   {section_word}
  0x00b9bb34: jmp    0x00b6bb40         ;...e90700fd ff

What does that mean:
0x00b9bb11: jmp    0x00b9bb11

Jump to itself ?
Please explain me!



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