hotspot PrintInlining bug

Tom Rodriguez Thomas.Rodriguez at Sun.COM
Mon Dec 14 11:01:09 PST 2009

> I'm sure, I saw it inlined at line 1000-1022 last friday evening, but looking today, I can't see it like you.
> I remember, I was very tired, so please forgive my wrong info. It seems, I was confused.
> Anyway, I still don't get the difference between 'never executed' and 'call site not reached' (line 839):

never executed is about the callee and call site not reach is about the profile information in the caller.  So never executed == no one has ever called the method and call site not reached == this method has never called the method.


> 7       sun.nio.cs.ext.EUC_TW_C_d_b_reverse2$Decoder::decode (108 bytes)
>     @ 48   java.lang.String::charAt  inline (hot)
>     @ 93   java.lang.Character::highSurrogate  never executed
>     @ 102   java.lang.Character::lowSurrogate  call site not reached
> -Ulf

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